Eager to learn how to photograph food? I have 2 courses currently available, the third is on it's way.



Do you need help with image strategy, setup, lighting, camera modes or editing?  

You’re in the right place! My sessions are designed to teach you how to create stunning photography for beginners in Food Photography. Advanced courses coming soon. 


*please note that due to Covid-19 all sessions are virtual.

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Learn Food Composition $29

Learn 25 Techniques in 14 Minutes. It's not a course, it's to get you started with composition ideas for your next shoot!

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Learn how to use Natural Light $50

Learn how to modify Natural Light when shooting food, to get beautiful food images. Easy, step by step course to get you mastering Natural Light. 

Coming Soon

Advanced Flash Lighting

My third course is being created right now! This course will be about flash lighting techniques that I have used in my advertising campaigns, plus new set ups. More info coming soon!

Coming soon