Delicious vegan restaurants to try in Dubai

Veganism is definitely on the rise in Dubai and to be truthful, I'm beyond thrilled. The more healthy, plant-based delicious meals there are to choose from, the more people will be encouraged to try being vegan. To these restaurants I applaud you, to all the other restaurants, pretty please offer us vegan alternatives too.

Over the month of my Whole Movement in October, I featured 4 restaurants. I tried and tested their food, and I can tell you the meals are fabulous. In no particular order of preference, I present to you:

Life N One:

This quote from their website sums them up perfectly: "The best form of medicine is that which is practiced every day by the way you live, the way you think, feel, believe, love and nourish yourselves." - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov.

Life’n One proudly sources seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients when available. They love food and keep it simple, so that all their food is free from MSGs, GMOs, Gluten, Soy, Refined Sugar and trans fats. They make almost everything fresh and in house including burger patty's, vegan cheeses, pickles, gluten free breads and sprouts! Impressive. I feel healthier just reading about what I'm eating.

UNBEATABLE VURGER - choose either Gluten Free bun (72) or iceberg lettuce wrap (69): oyster mushroom patty, I'm-not-a-Gruyere cheese, melted cheddar cheese with even more mushrooms topping, mixed greens, homemade cucumber pickles and sprouts

ASIAN BOWL - pickled quinoa, kale, arame, avocado, homemade pickles, sauerkraut, sprouts, carrots, black sesame seeds, spring onions with tamari wasabi sauce (56/49AED)

THE SALAD YOU WERE LOOKING FOR - Rocket salad, dehydrated pears topped with ashwagandha and lucuma coated walnuts, herbed cashew cheeseballs and pomegranate seeds with beetroot and chia seeds dressing. (52AED)

Hippy Deli:

Wholesome food for the athlete, yogi, busy bee & everyone in between! Hippy Deli prepares EVERYTHING in house, including their mayo. No hidden nasties or processed food here. Just pure goodness. YUM! They are 🔸100% plant based🔸Nutritious and delicious🔸Order on Deliveroo (Delivery only, no physical restaurant)

FALAFEL WITH CAULI RICE - Baked falafel, cauliflower rice, grilled capsicum, grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms, roasted broccoli, with a refreshing salad of cucumbers, corn, avocado, tomatoes, and house dressing. 30AED

VEGAN BENEDICT - It is a chickpea mash on cauliflower patties topped with almond and cashew sauce, served with roasted potatoes. 30AED.


Oh my goodness guys, when you want something a little on the naughty side, you need to try these burgers! When I say naughty, the chips are fried but everything is still made in-house, no preservatives, no hidden nasties. The rolls are colored using food too! Just a brilliant concept 🌿👏🏻

Order through @deliveroo_ae (no physical restaurant)

▪️Veggie patties ▪️Plant-based comfort food ▪️Vegan milkshakes ▪️Did we mention fries?

GREEN MAGIC - Cauliflower patty made with quinoa, chia seeds, and coriander, topped with pineapple chutney, cabbage slaw, vegan chipotle mayo and avocado sauce in a pumpkin bun. 48AED

KOREAN BBQ - Chickpea patty made with brown rice, sweet potatoes, celery, mushrooms, rolled oats and millet seeds, topped with avocado, vegan mayo, and kimchi in a beetroot bun. 48AED

Vietnamese Foodies:

Vietnamese Foodies launched a new vegan menu in September and it’s amazing! Authentic flavors and healthy dishes are their focus in every dish. Did you know that a lot of Vietnamese people are Buddhists and have never eaten meat as they don’t believe in harming another being, including animals? 😍 If only more people would take this approach to life. What a beautiful world we would live in 💖🌍You can enjoy a meal around the lake in JLT.

BUN DAU SA OT - Cold rice noodles served with lemongrass tofu, Vegan Nuoc Cham and lettuce, mint, basil, coriander 34AED

GOI NAM KIM CHAM ENOKI - Tempura Salad with green mango, white cabbage and carrot, herbs and Vegan Nuoc Cham sauce 23AED

CA TIM OM DAU PHU - Tofu & Eggplant Clay Pot 32AED

And that my friends, is 4 restaurants that you have to try if you haven't already. There's something for everyone, to satisfy any craving you could have. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did.

To our health and happiness,

Jacqui xx

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